Only flamboyant flowers and a dash of theatre could do justice to the spectacular bands of 1970s Glam Rock. This ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ bouquet has bright pink and purple pampas grass, fabulous pink roses, anthuriums, hydrangeas, pin heads, chincherinchee and mixed foliage.

So if you love to boogie with Ziggy and the Spiders then this is the one for you. ⚡️

This bouquet comes with our original art Glam Metal postcard.

Deluxe bouquet shown.

Please be advised, that sometimes I will have to substitute certain flowers due to season and availability, but I will always make up your bouquet for the same value or a greater one and with a suitable alternative.

If you would like to tweak the design, please fill in the bespoke bouquet contact form for price.